Mini mover kit – 15 boxes included

R1050,00 incl. VAT

530mm x 270mm x 1010mm

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The mini mover packs an average 2 bedroom flat and is ideal for a student or bachelor moving a 1 or 2 bedroom flat. The kit has been specially designed by packaging a number of our individual products into one package that contains everything you need to move. The mini mover kit consists of one compact box containing all the moving boxes, packing materials and added extras that you will need, all in one convenient package! The mini mover kit contents are broken down as follows... BOXES •  5 x Mover 5 Boxes Mover 5 is ideal for crockery and books and measures l:430mm x w:280mm x h:280mm •  5 x Mover 6 Boxes Mover 6 is ideal for almost all general household goods and measures l:560mm x w:400mm x h:280mm •  5 x Mover 7 Boxes Mover 7 is ideal for linen, soft toys and bulk & light items and measures l:420mm x w:420mm x h:480mm PACKING MATERIAL •  1 x Packing Paper bundle Packing paper bundle is ideal for wrapping crockery, and is supplied in bundles •  2 x 8m Aerothene Roll Aerothene is ideal for protecting furniture against damage. •  2 x Buff Tape Rolls Buff Tape is ideal for sealing boxes and securing bubble wrap. ADDED EXTRAS •  1 x Permanent Marker Pen Permanent Marker Pen is ideal for marking the contents of a box. •  5 x Fragile Labels (Small) Small Fragile Labels alert the mover of fragile or breakable contents, and measures l:60mm w:90mm •  5 x Fragile Labels (Large) Large Fragile Labels alert the mover of fragile or breakable contents, and measures l:130mm w:100mm
Weight 13,1 kg
Dimensions 54 × 29 × 104 cm