Boxman Paper Recycling

Do you have paper or carton waste?

The Boxman has been supplying corrugated cartons and packaging to the trade and industry for the past 23 years. As the demand for recycled content continues to rise, The Boxman has teamed up with Mpact to introduce a paper recycling initiative to retrieve boxes and paper, to reduce waste going to landfill.

Benefits of the Boxman recycling initiative

  • Create jobs
  • Increase the use of recyclables in new production
  • Reduce pollution and litter
  • Save raw materials to manufacture new products’
  • Save water – Recycled paper uses 50% less water than paper made from Wood Pulp.
  • Save our Trees – Half a hectre of trees produce enough oxygen for 18 people everyday and keeps polutants in check


Email the following details and a representative will be in contact with you to advise a suitable service to suite your requirements.

  • Company Name
  • Physical Address
  • Contact Name, Email and telephone number
  • Indicate waste category: Paper, Cartons, Magazine and Newspaper
  • Indicate approximate weight or quantity of waste.


For more information please contact us using the below details:

Gauteng: 011 675 7150 orĀ

Cape Town: 021 903 4749 or


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