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Home Mover Kit 1 x 5 File box
4 x Mover 4
4 x Mover 5
8 x Mover 6
8 x Mover 7
1 x Packing Paper - Crockery Protection
4 x 8 Aerothene Roll
4 x Buff Tape Rolls
1 x Marker
1 x Handy Wrap Roll
10 x Fragile Labels (Small)
10 x Fragile Labels (Large)
20 x Corner Pieces
Home Mover Kit -
26 Boxes Included
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Mini Mover Kit 5 x Mover 5
5 x Mover 6
5 x Mover 7
1 x Packing Paper - Crockery Protection
2 x 8m Aerothene Roll
2 x Buff Tape - Box sealer
1 x Marker
5 x Fragile Labels (Small)
5 x Fragile Labels (Large)
Mini Mover Kit – 15 Boxes included Buy Now
Box Kit 10 5 x Mover 5
5 x Mover 7
1 x Packing Paper - Crockery Protection
1 x Buff Tape Roll
1 x Marker

Box Kit –
10 Boxes included
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For both moving and storage,
Boxman can provide packaging solutions for your every need.


Home and office removals for items of all sizes in areas across South Africa.


Affordable, secure and accessible. Boxman now offers storage facilities in the Johannesburg area.

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Passion and experience

We all know that change is inevitable, both in life and definitely in business.  In the past, supermarkets and the local greengrocers were prepared to let the public have cardboard boxes free of charge for the purpose of moving. 

Or even better still, furniture removal companies used to provide packing boxes free of charge or at a nominal fee if you used their service. All this has changed!

Quality Product

Our emphasis is on QUALITY, ensuring that we give you, our valued customer, total peace of mind when you are packing your personal belongings.

We also supply a comprehensive range of allied products such as bubble wrap, packing paper and buff tape that go with a move.

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